Monday 21 March 2016

2.2 Lawyers in the News

Character in the Professions: Law

Discussion Board Unit 2.2

Please use these discussion boards to interact with your fellow learners. The discussion boards provide a unique opportunity for learners to debate ideas and thoughts generated by the ‘Character in the Professions: Law’ course and reflect on the application of theory discussed in your professional lives.
Are lawyers required to be virtuous all of the time?
Can one be a virtuous lawyer if one is not a virtuous person?
Can one be a virtuous person if one is not a virtuous lawyer?

Unit 2.2 investigates ‘Lawyers in the News’. Activity 4 asks you to refer back to the examples presented in Activity 1. Select one of the 10 examples where the lawyer(s) have behaved virtuously. Which qualities of character has the lawyer shown?

Do you think that all lawyers should routinely behave in these ways?

Is it possible to be a virtuous legal professional and not be a virtuous person? If so, why? If not, why not?

Activity 5 focuses on cases 1-6 from Activity 1. Having reviewed the cases as if they were journalist pieces commenting on an absence of virtue in each scenario, consider the following questions:
  1. What impact may each report have on the notion of virtue in the legal profession among members of the general public?
  2. Do cases 8-10 provide a counterbalance to the examples of vice in the profession, or are they simply examples of "good people" rather than "good lawyers"?
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